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In the field of transport, fleet tracking allows the collection and processing of information related to the management of a company's vehicles in order to improve its services, quality and efficiency. To benefit from a modern and quality tracking system, it is important to contact the company KPA6T in France.

Trust KPA6T based in France for fleet traceability

The evolution of transportation over the past decades has faced many factors that complicate the management of vehicle fleets, including increased traffic. The fleet traceability is the implementation of a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system in cars to monitor routes, frequency of use, distances traveled, to evaluate fuel consumption and to recover cars in case of theft. This system ensures real-time control of vehicle location and transmits the data directly to a dedicated platform. It also provides the possibility to monitor the maintenance and inspection of your vehicles to ensure their long life.

To learn more about fleet tracking, contact the company KPA6T at 09 83 64 69 19 or send us an email via the contact form. The company is located at 451 Rue du Champ du Garet, 69400, Arnas, France.