Commodity Mobility-KPA6T

Theoptimization of flows is a key element of the company management which allows to pilot all the activities and processes going from the production to the distribution of products. In order to optimize and reduce stocks as much as possible, the company KPA6T provides customers with a simple and intuitive digital solution for better management of transport activities in France.

KPA6T, the flow optimization professional in France

Optimizing a company's flows includes improving the management of the logistics chain, which is composed of procurement, warehousing, transportation, distribution and packaging. To better organize the daily logistics flows, the logisticians will adapt their offers according to the needs of the customers. L'flow optimization enables companies to increase productivity, reduce production costs and improve the customer experience. Logisticians use techniques and tools to improve the organization of tasks through flow mapping. The latter allows them to establish the production deadlines and the level of quality required to ensure the fluidity of the production chain. However, equipped and experienced professionals offer their services for the automation of logistics operations.

For more information aboutflow optimization, please contact KPA6T at 09 83 64 69 19 or send us an email via the contact form. We are located at 451 Rue du Champ du Garet, 69400, Arnas, France.