The dematerialization of transport invoicing is a process that consists in switching from paper invoices to electronic invoices. They keep their value and allow the tax authorities to better control the payment of Value Added Taxes (VAT). In France, the company KPA6T offers support adapted to companies.

KPA6T offers support in the process of dematerialization of transport invoicing in France

With the dematerialization of transport invoicingWith the electronic invoice, the State can secure commercial exchanges between individuals and companies, but especially fight against tax fraud. The electronic invoice is considered as a real management and planning tool for the company. It is also an accounting document that can be used as a supporting document during tax audit missions, thus promoting better control of the company's financial flows. In addition to the legal obligation, the edition of the invoices in electronic format makes it possible to guarantee their authenticity and their integrity with the made obligatory mentions which must be registered there. This new invoicing process reduces the processing and payment time of supplier invoices.

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